Dewy Decimal System

This is a project I got handed, where I had to use a certain type of system and process within the given name ‘dewy decimal system’. The point was to look at my name and turn it into a value, using a number from 1 to 10 and from 10 onwards adding the two numbers together as the numbers that came out for jade, j being 10 meaning I had to add the 1 and 0 digits together and A being 1, D was 4 and E making 5 making it a value of 114.5. Then I found myself in the library searching for these three digits, unfortunately I found out my name isn’t all that interesting and found only one book related. By working through this I flicked through the pages of this book and at random choose a page.

Title: The Production Of Space.

Results: First book – page 232 and 233 ( talks about how society out-stands itself within high rises of economy, creates a destruction of how high economy could of caused fatal damages to biological realities.

I then Googled the term Production Of Space- social relations to productions, in short words The Survival Of Capitalism. Briefly summed studies of Lefebvre into short forms of paragraphs by stating his reflections of the different types of space there were on social and on a theoretical standard during his century. As for the contradictory he out up for himself and the contradicting factors he had to say about what was going on and how space was beneficial to social constructions and power (which was the taste of life back in his days). He talks about the complexes of everyday life and how anything could cause such imbalance between perceptions and …talking about how much of an impact social constructions had change within a century, as for the amount of pressure there was for everything to go accordingly. This book is mostly based towards capitalism and the difference of social/political values that had to be dealt during his time.

“(Social) space is a (social) product […] the space thus produced also serves as a tool of thought and of action […] in addition to being a means of production it is also a means of control, and hence of domination, of power.”the-production-of-space-hi-14-728006


A Manifesto by Sumzr – Why Art?

This controversy, Art? Provoking. A glimpse of oneself. An incompletion. Why Art? Simple, for the feeling of belonging, you finally feel like you belong somewhere. It’s Rebellious, Self-conflicting. It is Endless of regret, personal, it acts as a lover, knowing it will never leave, it’s trustworthy. It’s a pictogram of thoughts, endless desires. The questions are like blind bullets, burnt like fear, it has the power to control you and yet hits you so sudden.  The cry of rebellion where we automatically associate with ourselves, with ideals we imitate, listen to softly. We obsess, it’s misleading. We retain with mystery, our reflection is our shield. We ask, how we fit into all of this. Dragging ourselves slowly across expression and hatred, it’s demanding. We ask ourselves is it good enough? Is it ever good enough, no. It’s never good enough, its endless self-doubt which includes having to fight with ourselves as we rebel against the spineless corpse of our own shadows.

Art? To be evolving, containing its own subliminal message and acknowledging what’s out there. It’s used upon social factors and throughout history, it powerful, persistent. It’s contrary, it stands out. The disadvantage of being left in the background, preferable. It gains by individual tactics. It’s what defines all colours, gives reason, it gives a meaning. Some shades will stand out, others will spark no light, give nothing but greed …. It’s how it all goes. Looking over, consuming oneself to gain something bigger, something better. How we’re put into a measure of capacity, intimidating isn’t it. We put ourselves against social standards and be let alone to stand for freedom, we have self-respect.  Art is more than just a ‘pretty picture’, it’s strong and it’s fascinated by provoking.

There is no other way. Art, it’s loud, uncontrollably loud. Quiet at times, it familiarizes with sound. It tears down barriers. It’s inviting. Comforts A new language, its uncontrollable way of speaking without sense, anything is acceptable, because we feel like we be ourselves. It’s driven without remorse, without definition. A way to push existing boundaries and create a certain chaos. It can’t be tamed. It stands for many opinions as I believe, art doesn’t need to be shown in order to stand and it does not have to stand for an opinion, it can be secretive, preferable. It’s knows the difference between layers, each colour. It’s mindless. Confusing, wild and remotely insane at times. It has the need to be set free, to feel like it can degrade, it can be torn. It can lose moral. Be senseless. Profound.

Art? The changes it brings to oneself, its constant creation. The respect we have and ones relation to oneself, its existence can be a great source to understanding the limitations that we create.

We grasp. And we move forward.